Areas of practice

Labor law

Consultancy and advocacy in the field of labor law for both employers and employees. In particular, I deal with matters relating to labor laws, employment contracts (at the time of hiring or modification during the course of employment) including collective and national labor agreements, regulations, termination, work certificates, competition ban.

Tenancy law

Consultancy and advocacy in the field of commercial leases (industry, store, etc.) and residential leases. In particular, I deal with questions concerning the drafting of a commercial leasing contracts, termination (notification or objection), increase/reduction of rent, additional costs (e.g. introduction/dispute of new additional costs).

Construction law

Consultancy and advocacy in the field of contracting, SIA regulations, legal mortgage of craftsmen and contractors, construction management, consortium, construction permission application or opposition procedures concerning construction applications.

Family law

Consultancy and advocacy in the areas of protective measures for marital unions, child protection, divorce, separation, personal relationships (custody, foster care, visitation rights), maintenance contributions, occupational benefits, separation or divorce agreements.

Enforcement and bankruptcy

Consulting and representation in the areas of debt collection, seizure, attachment, bankruptcy, composition proceedings, recognition and enforcement of foreign judgments in Switzerland.

Social security law

Consultancy and advocacy in the areas of expertise for the Institute of Social Insurance (IAS) such as unemployment, illness, accidents, disability, loss of earning benefits.


Consulting in drafting and negotiating various contracts.

Criminal law

Criminal defence and counseling in the context of filing a criminal complaint or lawsuit.


Consultancy and advocacy with regard to the application for the issuance of a permit or contesting the revocation of a permit. Permits include residence permits with or without gainful employment, work permits, permits for family reunification, permits for tourism and permit amendments.